Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Stupid Cupid, stop picking on me!

In my life, I have loved once and I have loved deeply. And like anything in this world, it is just temporary. And it's not because of death but rather one heart has given up first.

Love is like a dance and it always takes two to tango. And now, even if you wanna dance... dance free as if nobody is watching, it's not possible anymore. Otherwise, it will be sort of interpretative dance only. You dance with the beats, trusting your understanding and interpreting it based on what you believed in. Now I realized, it shan't be!

It shan't be!

Love is like a room also. The entrance and exit doors give more meaning to me now than before. Most people tried to go back through exit doors. And some will follow rules and enter the room through entrance door again. I tried both. But there are rooms that you shouldn't go back. You shouldn't entertain the thoughts of going back. Because as you leave the room again, you'll bring only a broken heart. It may be the strongest organ of our body but we are responsible to make it happy. Unconditional happiness I mean.

Though, being inside that same room again gives me a temporary happiness. Thought, you're sharing genuine happiness {at least}. But how can u trust the man who have hurt you before? Who have hurt you many times? and who are still hurting you? If you have the same melodies, things might never happened. And if you still have the same melodies, he will not do another foolish act to hurt you. It is a wonderful thing to be loved, but it's never an excuse to be cruel.

So, Stupid Cupid, please, stop picking on me!

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