Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Certified Traveler

Hong Kong for the second time

The first time I toured Hong Kong is in 1995. It is a High school graduation gift from my mom. In October 2009, I had the second sweet glance of Hong Kong, where most of my siblings and relatives are working. This is also my second adventure to Ocean Park, Giant Buddha and The Peak. Now, there are more places to see in Hong Kong. I do not have to go to US or Japan to experience the spectacular Disney World or go to London for the Madame Tussaud’s museum. And the cable car experience in Ngong Ping 360 is simply a cloud 9.

I enjoyed the Halloween Street Party a lot, too. It is simply amusing that people spend so much time and money for their masquerades. Even if I am not wearing any mask, a guy took picture with me, too. Do I look scary without make ups? Hahaha It is certainly a fun-filled night with my sisters and brother. And a dinner in a Thai resto with them completes my day.

With so many street adventures, window-shopping, mall hopping, food tripping and family bonding moments, what more can I ask for in this travel?

Fantasies at Macau

From Fishermen’s wharf to hotel hopping, I enjoyed this best. It is like a world of fantasies for me. The majestic Venetian Hotel is simply superb. The pyrotechnic show in MGM is very awesome. And the show in City of Dreams is totally magnificent. I felt that I’m one of the mermaids in the deep of the oceans. With hotel hopping, I had the closest look at the biggest diamond in the world and have stepped in lots of gold bars, too. I felt so opulent then. I feel like the true Empress.

The famous landmark in Macau is the fa├žade of the Church that stood still in war. I feel more blessed in that place. I also enjoy the free tastes of food in the street and in the shops (with matching free water to drink). We also did not miss their best delicacy – the egg tart that also happened to be one of my favorites.

Another breathtaking experience is going up to Macau Tower. There’s a glass floor in the tower, too. It was a clear view of thousands feet below me. My nerves for the fear of height became active and I totally lost the strength to take another step.

I have seen Macau in just a day but every moment is simply the best.

Windows of the World - China

Going to Shenzhen, China through Tourist Agency is not an excellent idea because I prefer flexibility in schedules. We went to two museums where we spend so much time in shops (within the museum) than viewing the collections. In addition, we are given minimal time in their major tourist destination – the Windows of the World. It is full of miniature gardens of the famous landmarks all over the world. My most fantastic moment there is riding a camel in a pink Persian dress with my Sister Loren. It would be almost perfect if there were gardens also for the snow world.

However, most Chinese do not understand nor speak English. They cannot answer a simple query of the location of the comfort room (toilet, comfort room, washroom or bathroom is not understood). Most signage is written in Chinese characters also, thus, it is not really a tourist friendly destination.

Singapore pleasures

Travelling this city with pleasures is not my primary purpose. But in my every travel, I really wanted to make the most out of it. I had a walkathon in almost all the popular places of Singapore like Esplanades, Clarke Quay, Bugis Street, Chinatown, Little India, Lucky Plaza (also known as Little Philippines); Chijmes, Novena Church, Holy Trinity Church, etc. It was also my first time to enter a Hindu temple at Sri Marianan Temple.

I also enjoyed strolling in parks like Chinese & Japanese gardens, Botanical gardens (composing of 2 lakes and 6 big gardens including Orchid garden), Sun Plaza Park and other small parks. I enjoyed the safety of these places and using the exercise equipments free is simply fulfilling.

I had a tiring day at Sentosa too although I really didn’t enjoy the Underwater world and the Dolphin show. In my opinion, Manila Ocean Park is better and yet cheaper.

With limited budget, I still enjoyed shopping at the biggest shopping centers like GIANTS, IKEA, Mustafa shopping center and Suntec IT Show – these are all my favorites. I simply love eating at IKEA. I do loved the visit in Fountain of Wealth too, which is the biggest fountain of the world and watched the fountain’s laser show.

Surely, I will return to this place to complete my Singapore adventures because I still wish to go to the Universal Studio.

Kuala Lumpur in a day

Kuala Lumpur is few hours away (by bus) from Singapore. Since I have watched the Conspiracy Theory movie, I always dream to visit the Petronas tower. Fulfilling this dream, I arrived at Berjaya Square early morning, and I ate my packed breakfast there (yummylicious Iced Tea, sliced bread and Nutella spread). I waited there for the first Monorail trip to the tower. Then, I got the 11:30am tower visit ticket but I managed to enter at 10am, that’s the beauty of travelling alone. You can skip the queue and save some time for siesta or another itinerary. I also thank the skybridge visit organizers for allowing me. The tower’s tour guides are very friendly and they even volunteer to take photo of me. From there, I went to the Butterfly garden, Hibiscus garden, Orchid garden, Lake garden and Deer Park – but I am still looking for a more magnificent views. I returned to KLCC station to go to Putrajaya – the business district of Kuala Lumpur. I have so much pleasures travelling this place. I had a chance to enter the mosque and to see the famous and very beautiful landmarks and government establishments. There is a boat tour also for those who want to view Putrajaya from the water ride. At night, I went to Chinatown to buy souvenirs before my return trip to Singapore.

It is a fun and fulfilling travel in Kuala Lumpur where I have experienced wearing the Islam dress, going inside the mosque and touring around it. It’s my first and it is indeed a notable experience.

With these travel adventures, I still wish to experience the sands of Sahara desert and to climb the Mount Everest. If this is not possible, I still wish to have a glimpse of a real desert and snow. Someday, somehow...

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My 32nd Birthday - the reflection

In previous years, my birthday celebration started with 12:01am greetings from my Mabuest and my BFC. It was not a competition but perhaps they both wanted to be the first greeter in my birthday. For this, I wait for their greetings first before I sleep. Then, I wake up with a call and I answer these long distance calls throughout the day. This is because most of my love ones are abroad and in the province. Despite of being far and independent, I am still so blessed and loved by the best people.

Today, I have one 12:01am greeter left and that’s BFC. I told her my emotion of yesteryears. Then, she replied, “I love u too, ‘wag ka na mag-emote, I’m still here for you.” With teary eyes, my heart throbs with great reflections. Mabuest bypassed the places of people who are loving me, one by one, including BFC. He jumped marvelously to the topmost place in my heart. Though I am flattered of his aim to be there, I didn’t recognized that there is one more important thing – to stay in your lovely place. Well, I’m glad that my BFC is still there through my UPs & DOWNs, in my BEST & WORST times…

Thanks, BFC, for also making my 32th birthday a very special one.

ALL ABOUT LOVE by Zenith In Heart

10 important things I have learned about love…

> First Love never dies, inasmuch as it stays like a Legend.
> A great love highly values respect – consistently.
> A man in great love can cross the mountains and swim the seas (figuratively). He will make a way.
> You are WORTHY of a happy heart. Moreover, love will make you happier – the heart of his life.
> Keeping some mysteries and surprises is better.
> Giving unconditional love is very hard (truly, madly, deeply...).
> True love stays at your side through UPs & DOWNs.
> The cure for the heartache is another heart. So, do not linger on lost love for a long time.
> The greatest love story is always your OWN – not the PAST but the PRESENT.
> Love transcends everything.

Love equations that I dreamed before…
GREAT LOVE = Mabu + Mabuest

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Good As Memories, Feb 14, 2010

Last Valentines Day, I received no greetings from him. I really can’t remember that he greeted me. And those times, we still have constant communication as friends. But today, I got a message in my facebook mailbox. It’s just a short Valentines greeting. Although it made my day, it is still not right. We already agreed to stop the communication last month. But what am I supposed to do? I already have deleted him in all my net accounts – facebook, yahoo, gmail, etc. But I still received messages every now and then. How can he be so cruel and not so cooperative? All I ever wanted is to move on and have another man to love. I hate my stubborn heart, too. Why can’t I stop loving him? Why I can tolerate the pains he brought me? I would love to hate him but I love him more instead. What shall I do? From 2 yrs of friendship/budding love, 3 yrs of real great love, 2 yrs of breaking up stage, 1 yr of no communication, 2 yrs of new friendship, then how long shall this “moving on” stage last? I already have wasted my emotion for 5 years now but I am still stuck with his love, with our old love story. But it’s just good as memories, too.

I wish for a real life! I wish a bouquet of flowers from the man I love, too. I think I need to pray more fervently from now on. Though I can’t understand Him, I’m accepting His will on me. OMG, please make me worthy of another great love story…

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Almost Over You – January 13, 2010, 1:07am

True friendship stays through the years. It stand still even when everything in this world ends. Well, it seems true to me. It is my reality. But everything is upside down when this true friendship is being shared by ex-lovers.

Why can’t it be? So I tried. A little spark that is left with me grew. It grew mightier and brighter than any stars above me. Until (I’ve realized that), it conquered all in me (heart, mind & even body). Yes, it’s a pure intention of friendship, most especially, when I have known that he has responsibilities already.

But sharing our lives became an addiction (at least, my addiction). I secretly wish a more frequent communication, at the same time, I pursued to be distant. Not until he asked me to add him in my facebook. I was stubborn to continue the friendship so I added him. My secret wish came true because we communicate often after that acceptance in facebook. We even shared games which causes additional addiction to me. Is it the games that I’ve got addicted or it’s sharing the games with him? I’m missing him always that leads me to always play the games to see him around. But things became worse. I’m missing him more than I could bear. It’s like, I’m attached to him again… with my dreams and with my future. Throughout those times, we refrain to be emotionally intimate again. Both of us initiate to keep distance whenever the cup of emotions overflows. But we’re just human and we can’t resist the happiness it gives when emotion is being shared. That was just a week ago.

And I can’t be a home wrecker! If there’s any problem with their relationship, I don’t want to get involved with. And more, I don’t want to come in between them. I still wish reconciliation between them. But this will be hard if I’m still around. And we tend to lean in each others’ arms.

Seeing his email in my inbox is like winning the lottery. Unfortunately, it was drawn yesteryears and cannot be claimed anymore. But then, it feels so great! My heart found a secret happiness. But it will only grow worse standing still on the same ground. So, I sent 2 quotes to live by, which I, myself, have created. He understood the message and he agreed. I’m in mixed emotions. I know that it’s the very best thing to do but I will miss my past love. I may never take back the time of great love but I can move forward. And this is the great gift I could give for everybody. This is it! I will always love my Mabuest. But despite of standing on the same ground, I wanna take two steps forward and another two steps to the right. And if ever I will step back, I will never be on the same ground again. At least for now I can say, I am ALMOST OVER YOU.

Friday, January 1, 2010

With sparkling hope - January 1, 2010, 1:53 a.m.

"A new beginning with sparkling hope of better tomorrow." This is my new year's wish text message to my nephew, Keizen, and my great friend, Boiet. In this year of Tiger, I have welcome it by reflecting more deeply the facts about life.

I saw people everywhere from different walks of life, celebrating New Year far from their homes. There are lovers, peer groups and families. They're here to watch a concert in welcoming the New Year. There are great numbers who are even carrying their toddlers and babies (of less than 1 year old). Their life is not my life and I will never choose it that way. Hence today, I am making an oath for my own life. When God permits that I can have my own family, I shall give my very best effort to celebrate the Christmases and New Years with the whole family, most especially if my siblings are not yet married. It is not about preparing the extravagant food but rather the spirit of togetherness and the happiness being with each other.

Haayyzzz... I am now dreaming having a family of my own. But hopefully, it's not another long distance relationship. Though I don't fear distance, I just value more those times of relating with each other personally.

On top of all these, I will fight for my own family's welfare and good relationship. May God continue to bless me with a good heart and good eyes to see only the great things in others... in the world.

Godspeed & Happy New Year!

By the way, I love the fireworks display. It feels like billions of stars are sparkling above me. I always love the fireworks display. But still nothing compares being at home, with my dearest family.

Thursday, December 31, 2009

My Jake, His Avatar & our Hallow Connection – Dec 29, 2009

Neyteri teaches Jake the skills he'll need to survive on Pandora, where Neyteri is the Navi’s princess. Well, that’s Neyteri from the movie “AVATAR” which I have just watched thru a pirated DVD copy that I bought because of the recommendation of my office’s best friend, Mildred. And Neyteri is just like me.

After watching this movie, here I am, writing a blog about Jake in my own life. Jake & I are friends …best friends for more than two years before we realized that we already love each other not in platonic way anymore but in romantic way. He indeed has a very pure heart.

But with a sudden emotional catastrophe, we took different path and chose another fate. He said that if it is a great love then the love will stay there. I don’t want to see him again, at least mentally. But my heart keeps on missing him every now and then. Anyway, my heart is happier now that he came back. Not to be part of my clan but rather to be a friend of mine.

How can that be? Well, he’s always in his avatar being a friend of mine. Now you know why I have a sudden connection or reflection of that movie. He’s the God in my Zenith world and I am the Goddess there. Keeping the friendship seems right but it’s really not. He cannot be part of my clan but he still owns my heart. Just like that hallow connection. I just love my world. But it would be lovelier if he’s not using any avatar anymore and sharing the pure friendship only. Can he and his avatar become one (or merge)? And be free to share our friendship, our hallow connection, in both world? But only Jake can answer that. Despite of it all, he’s always free to come and go in my Zenith world. He’s always welcome… as long as the bond is strong… as long as the hallow connection is not broken.