Friday, January 1, 2010

With sparkling hope - January 1, 2010, 1:53 a.m.

"A new beginning with sparkling hope of better tomorrow." This is my new year's wish text message to my nephew, Keizen, and my great friend, Boiet. In this year of Tiger, I have welcome it by reflecting more deeply the facts about life.

I saw people everywhere from different walks of life, celebrating New Year far from their homes. There are lovers, peer groups and families. They're here to watch a concert in welcoming the New Year. There are great numbers who are even carrying their toddlers and babies (of less than 1 year old). Their life is not my life and I will never choose it that way. Hence today, I am making an oath for my own life. When God permits that I can have my own family, I shall give my very best effort to celebrate the Christmases and New Years with the whole family, most especially if my siblings are not yet married. It is not about preparing the extravagant food but rather the spirit of togetherness and the happiness being with each other.

Haayyzzz... I am now dreaming having a family of my own. But hopefully, it's not another long distance relationship. Though I don't fear distance, I just value more those times of relating with each other personally.

On top of all these, I will fight for my own family's welfare and good relationship. May God continue to bless me with a good heart and good eyes to see only the great things in others... in the world.

Godspeed & Happy New Year!

By the way, I love the fireworks display. It feels like billions of stars are sparkling above me. I always love the fireworks display. But still nothing compares being at home, with my dearest family.

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