Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My 32nd Birthday - the reflection

In previous years, my birthday celebration started with 12:01am greetings from my Mabuest and my BFC. It was not a competition but perhaps they both wanted to be the first greeter in my birthday. For this, I wait for their greetings first before I sleep. Then, I wake up with a call and I answer these long distance calls throughout the day. This is because most of my love ones are abroad and in the province. Despite of being far and independent, I am still so blessed and loved by the best people.

Today, I have one 12:01am greeter left and that’s BFC. I told her my emotion of yesteryears. Then, she replied, “I love u too, ‘wag ka na mag-emote, I’m still here for you.” With teary eyes, my heart throbs with great reflections. Mabuest bypassed the places of people who are loving me, one by one, including BFC. He jumped marvelously to the topmost place in my heart. Though I am flattered of his aim to be there, I didn’t recognized that there is one more important thing – to stay in your lovely place. Well, I’m glad that my BFC is still there through my UPs & DOWNs, in my BEST & WORST times…

Thanks, BFC, for also making my 32th birthday a very special one.

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