Wednesday, September 8, 2010

ALL ABOUT LOVE by Zenith In Heart

10 important things I have learned about love…

> First Love never dies, inasmuch as it stays like a Legend.
> A great love highly values respect – consistently.
> A man in great love can cross the mountains and swim the seas (figuratively). He will make a way.
> You are WORTHY of a happy heart. Moreover, love will make you happier – the heart of his life.
> Keeping some mysteries and surprises is better.
> Giving unconditional love is very hard (truly, madly, deeply...).
> True love stays at your side through UPs & DOWNs.
> The cure for the heartache is another heart. So, do not linger on lost love for a long time.
> The greatest love story is always your OWN – not the PAST but the PRESENT.
> Love transcends everything.

Love equations that I dreamed before…
GREAT LOVE = Mabu + Mabuest

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