Saturday, February 7, 2009

God's Grace is yet to come

Piracy is everywhere. And I admit that I buy at least one copy every quarter. But I still love watching movies at the theater.

Today, I stayed late in office & I’m not able to catch up the earlier screening. So, I must wait for more than an hour for that last full show of MARLEY & ME.

With my Starbucks’ latte, I head to TIMEZONE to sing few songs. I was lucky to get 100% in videoke for one of my favorite songs – “Memory”.

When time is up to express the melody of my heart, I bought my movie ticket and sit at my favorite spot – farthest seat in the center, hehehe.

MARLEY & ME is a light drama but very meaningful. And that’s what life is really all about. We planned so much of our future but surprises are sweeter. Likewise, I can also take risks and I will work harder to keep whatever decision I made. I love it! I love life! And I fervently wish to be a home engineer too… just like my mom.

Well, I have faith that GOD’s GRACE is yet to come.

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