Saturday, February 7, 2009

30 things of 30 year old Lady

{Inspired with the article of Sir Bong at Facebook}

1. I am 10% Sexy, 30% Gorgeous and 60 % Magnanimous.

2. I like people who call me “LEDZ” and I love those who call me “SEXY”. I appreciate their thoughts to make me feel good.

3. My wish list contains playing tennis, exploring Palawan, scuba diving in Maldives, and traveling Paris with the man I love

4. I hate people taking my things without my permission, even if she’s my bestfriend or my mother.

5. For me, TOM & JERRY is a cartoon for adult.

6. I am very strict & perfectionist but I am pursuing not to be one… odd as it sounds!

7. I love NGO works but seen few hypocrites also.

8. I am a night person.

9. I can sense if someone is badmouthing me. That’s my asset but also my liability.

10. I love pink, sky blue and yellow colors.

11. I adore my parents a lot, I will fight for them.

12. I’m the youngest but I’m not a spoiled brat.

13. I am a family person and a home body.

14. With my nephews and nieces, I ‘m their closest TITA. One factor is I’m closer to their generation and the other is …

15. I’m the poorest among the siblings. But I live a happy and contented life life to the fullest!

16. I’m not very particular with clothes/fashion as long as it covers my body and soul, then, fine  but I can spend much for that “most delicious” cheese cake in town.

17. I’m a late bloomer. I just started spending for my overall wellness.

18. I’m a bibliophile but I don’t have any collection of anything.

19. I don’t care what people think of me . If I’ll defend myself, they will not believe it anyway.

20. My brother and I fought in April 2007 and I never spoke to him since then.

21. In 2006, I had 3 greatest pains in my life. Betrayal of trust of my closest pal, flunked CPA board exam the 2nd time and broke up with my first love.

22. Numbers 1104, 1436228 & 6228378 and letters NNSO , HKalo & TCA have “meanings” in the past. {Nonsense!}

23. Mabu & Mabuest don’t exist in any dictionary of any language but was meaningful as II Cor. 13

24. I broke up/dumped my exbf several times and I was dumped only once. Then, everything is over.

25. I still have constant communication with exbf and still express love & care for each other – AS FRIENDS! {Etchos!}

26. I am distant to people who always badmouth other people.

27. I’m a lousy liar, very lousy liar!

28. It’s better to know NOTHING than to know someone’s deepest secrets .

29. Generally, I’m a serious person but can be wacky and loud if mingling with ADIKTUS.

30. I am still lost in Timbuktu from my journey in Iraq.

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