Monday, March 30, 2009

Perfectly Imperfect

After a year of breaking up stage and 2.5 years of moving on stage, here I am again, confirming the melody of my heart. That it takes forever to forget someone. He's not just someone that I've known but SOMEBODY who made me SOMEBODY, too. He's the poetry that flowers my heart, moist my lips and grip my hands. But that is sometime ago. Am I back to the same grounds? Hopefully not, I just can't stop myself remembering those sweetest smiles that he put on my lips. I'm perfectly imperfect then.

Sigh! CPA reviews are just reminding me of those bittersweet memories. Perhaps, we really can't have the best of both world. But I choose to be the best in whatever is left with me.

And today is a wonder. We still have a communication - sharing the love, care & martyrdom. How can I ever resist his charms? Instead, it becomes my sweet addiction. Ugh! still on my perfectly imperfect self.

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